Friday, July 12, 2013

I'm Glad To be Globe - I love Globe

I'm Glad to be Globe. The reason why I love Globe, first because of the strong signal, clear voice call and strong internet connection that really help a lot people connected not only in the Philippines also to the entire World. I'm being a Globe user since my College day... communicating my Family, Love ones, and Friends. Until now I'm a Globe user. Being a Globe user in my own experience making a call and text no disconnection or interruption. No Busy tone and most important is "NO NAKAW LOAD".
My favorite in Globe Services is dial *143# Create own Promo in this way in my own way I can make my own promo call, text and surfing in an easiest way with no hassle. That's why I really love Globe....And I'm glad to be a Globe user. Feeling VIP in Globe.

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